Our bodies are amazing machines capable of amazing activities – if and when all its parts are working well.  Joints are our bodies’ ‘hinges’ and allow us to move in different planes and directions. It is therefore debilitating when one or more of our joints are sore and we can’t perform as we would like to.

Joint pain can be caused by many different factors, some of which are medical including  illness, disease or serious injury (ligament tears).  In these cases, we recommend consulting a doctor or specialist. However, joint pain can also be caused by overuse or poor biomechanics.  In these cases, we have good news … it can be overcome with these three tips!

Tip number 1:  Keep on moving! The first thing we want to do when our joints ache is to stop moving.  Rest may be good, especially from weight bearing activity, but it is important to try and move the joint through its full range.  Joints need to move. The moment you do not use it, the joints will get stiff and more painful.  Movement however must be gentle and include good stretching.

Tip number 2:  Find out the cause of the joint pain and treat it.  We often want to treat the joint that is sore. Joints get painful due to overuse and poor biomechanics.  To overcome this joint pain, we recommend strengthening and balancing the muscle groups surrounding the joint. This is why strength and conditioning training is important. If you are unsure, it can help to make an appointment with a functional therapist who will assist in the fascia release and the balancing and strengthening of the related muscle groups.

Tip number 3: Find a good product that will decrease the pain.  Tip #1 and Tip #2 can only be done once the joint pain is under a certain amount of control.  To reach that stage, we highly recommend Deep Relief GelDeep Relief Gel can be applied directly to the painful area and is therefore highly effective in treating sore joints.  Deep Relief contains Ibuprofen which acts as an anti-inflammatory and will bring the pain under control.  It also contains menthol which brings about cooling and an analgesic effect, together with a decrease in the swelling of the joint area.  This in turn will allow you to keep moving the joints (Tip #1) and to do the exercise needed (Tip #2) to overcome the joint pain.

These three tips are all interdependent. However, if the joint pain is hindering you from moving and exercising, we recommend starting with the use of the Deep Relief Gel. Once the pain is under control, movement and exercise will be more possible and be done more effectively, which in turn will help you overcome joint pain.

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts