“What you don’t know will not hurt you?”

The question now: Should you use oral or topical medication? Well, the facts to consider are as follows: Both pills and topical analgesic gels block the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Topical analgesic gels however have many significant advantages you should be aware of.

Do research on the product you use: “the effects of oral medication”

Oral medication for musculo-skeletal pain must first pass through your mouth, throat, stomach, liver and small intestines – all the while breaking down and needlessly being absorbed by these organs. That is before even reaching your bloodstream for delivery throughout your body. As a result, you need to take a higher dosage of often addictive medications to get the results you need, which of course can increase the risk of experiencing unwanted side effects. This means that after the long process of being absorbed throughout the whole body, there is very little active pain-relief ingredients left to treat your muscular pain.

Should I choose a topical analgesic gel or not?

Topical gels today are an effective and welcomed alternative to oral medication for acute and chronic muscular pain. With medication delivered directly through the skin, topical gels avoid side effects like gastritis, dizziness and cardiovascular, liver and kidney-related issues.

Some reasons why you should consider using topical analgesic gels over oral medication:

Targeted: Topical analgesic gels are applied locally and target specific pain areas.
Fast: Topical analgesics penetrate the skin and bring much needed relief significantly faster than oral medication.
Long-lasting: With analgesic gels like Deep Relief, you can be assured to experience pain relief that lasts up to 8-12 hours.
Safe: Gels can be used as needed, even with other medications, and are therefore a safer solution for dealing with pain and discomfort.

Product to consider: A topical analgesic that delivers fast, effective relief through the skin, directly to the painful muscle or joint is Deep Relief, containing 5% Ibuprofen and 3% Menthol.

Some reasons for using Deep Relief – Ibuprofen gel

The only Ibuprofen gel available on the SA market.
The product has an ideal combination of Ibuprofen and a cooling sensation of Menthol.
A product with a penetration enhancer which speeds up the absorption of Ibuprofen through the skin directly to the point of pain.
Effective alternative to an oral anti-inflammatory.
The product has a long-lasting effect.

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts