The benefits of Ibuprofen Gel

For years people have been searching for effective ways to relieve pain and inflammation.  Today, our busy  lifestyles are causing more and more musculo-skeletal pain.  

People often have the misconception that only athletes and people practicing sport suffer from muscle and joint pain. However, the majority of aches and pains are caused by our daily activities.  Simple tasks such as carrying children, lifting shopping bags, poor posture and sitting in front of our screens all day can cause the niggles associated with muscle and joint pain.  This can prevent us from performing so many of our everyday activities.  For athletes, both professional and amateur, musculo-skeletal pain can be detrimental to their performance and careers. 

Due to our demanding lifestyles, it is important to relieve and treat muscle and joint pain, as well as inflammation, as quickly and effectively as possible.  Whilst there are various ways to treat musculo-skeletal injuries, Ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), is proven to be highly effective. 

Oral medication containing Ibuprofen is not always the first choice due to the gastro-intestinal negative effects and constipation often caused by its regular use. 

A much more popular approach, with less negative effects, is the use of topical creams containing Ibuprofen.  Deep Relief is an effective topical anti-inflammatory and analgesic.  It serves as a symptomatic relief of pain and inflammation and works on two levels: limiting inflammation and disrupting the pain signals. 

There are many benefits associated with using Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel: 

  • It is easy and quick to apply.  
  • Application is directly to the affected area.  
  • The gel is not sticky and absorbs easily into the skin.  
  • Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel also has a menthol element that brings immediate cooling to the area. 
  • It is available in compact tubes, easy to keep handy. 

Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel is often applied to painful joints and muscles of athletes treated at various events after a recovery massage, with feedback received always overwhelmingly positive.
Further, the physical touch of applying the gel also helps to increase the rate of the removal of toxins in affected areas. 

We highly recommend you keep a tube of Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel handy to help relieve those everyday aches and pains. For your convenience, Deep Relief Ibuprofen Gel can be found at most Clicks, Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, Spar and select pharmacies.  Our products are also available for purchase online. 

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts